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7 Basic Hair Coloring Tips

Thinking of coloring your hair?  Kevin Miraglia, owner of Salon Skanda- an exclusive Goldwell hair color salon- provides 7 basic hair coloring tips to consider before scheduling your appointment.



Always let your hair color and style reflect your personality and personal style.  You pick out clothes to express yourself so do the same with your color.  You can say so much without even saying a word.



With the help of your colorist pick a color that brings out your eyes and compliments your skin tone.  Generally in tonal selection warmer skin and eye tones look best with warmer hair color; and cooler skin and eye tones look best with cooler tones.  Your skin, hair and eyes should all harmonize.



If you are looking for your hair to be significantly lighter and brighter, add highlights instead of lightening your natural color too significantly. This will keep your color from looking brassy. For those of you that have less than 50% gray, your colorist can formulate a color that is close to your natural and blends the gray leaving you with a color that grows out softer and more subtle.



Extremes are not for everyone. Both extremely dark and extremely light can be difficult to wear unless you have flawless skin and wear a lot of makeup. For most women, mid-level shades are softer, more flattering, and versatile.



Achieving natural results for any hair color means adding dimension. Look at everything in nature, whether it’s a flower, a leaf, a mineral- you see nothing that is ever a single solid color and the same thing goes with your hair color. Natural looking hair color is multidimensional, not opaque, like something you just painted on. Incorporate dimensional tones to achieve more natural looking hair color. If you have trouble with fine thinner flatter hair, you can use your hair color to help you achieve a look that makes your hair appear more voluminous and or thicker. Highlights are excellent for fine or thinning hair.



Shiny hair is ALWAYS glamorous! Not every hair color product is the same, so be sure to know what kind of color product your salon uses. Shiny hair is equated with youth, health, and energy, so choose a color product that aims to add, protect, and maintain shine. Try Goldwell Colorance Core for longer lasting color protection and exceptional shine!



Be sure to talk with your colorist about how often you are willing to come back and how much you are willing to spend. Together you can come up with a hair color regimen that’s right for you. Don’t let your hair color break the bank. You can achieve subtle or big change with a moderate investment.

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