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7 Basic Hair Cutting Tips for Face Shapes

Hair design and color placement for your face shape is always essential in creating the personalized fashion forward look to optimize your features and bring out the brightest You! Salon Skanda has partnered up with Goldwell and Oribe to keep our stylists up to date and current in creating personalized looks for each of our clients. Not sure what is best for your face shape, well keep reading and you will gain some industry insights in the how and why we create the looks that we do to keep you looking your best. On a personal note, as much as I love beautiful hair, I am always a fan of our hair being an accessory to our overall appearance as opposed to the mane attraction (no pun intended). I am a fan of opening the face to accentuate one’s facial features and bring attention to the eyes.



The oblong face clearly is longer than it is wide, generally speaking the brow bone, cheek bone, and jawline are approximately the same width. To best enhance this face shape midlength layers often work great. We choose to create fullness through the sides and back while minimizing height to give more of an oval appearance. Soft face framing layers often with a fringe helps diminish length. Shoulder length or longer hair often can pull the face down making the face look longer rather than oval. As far as color placement ideally lighter colors/highlights are placed from the temple down to the jaw while darkening around the forehead. Sarah Jessica Parker and Sophia Loren both share this face shape.



The diamond face, like Sophia Loren, is distinguished by short angular lines. The cheekbones are noticeably wider than the brow and jawline. The diamond face is all about keeping our styles narrower around the cheekbones and wider towards the forehead and chin. We want fullness in the crown and down below the ears to soften and balance the angles around the face. Highlights are best placed at the temples and ears while keeping hair a bit on the lighter side around the forehead and jawline.



The inverted triangle or heart shaped face is characteristic of significantly wider brow bone and cheek bones as compared to the jawline. The face shape favors hairlengths around the chin and below. We want to create fullness down around the jawline to balance out the narrowness here. Heavy fringes are not the greatest look for these face shapes, we want the weight of the hair to be down below. Lighter color placement is best down from the ears and below while we want to keep the hair a bit on the darker side around the temples and forehead. Check our Scarlett Johansson if you think you might be of this type.



The triangle face shape looks terrific with shorter hairstyles. Vicotoria Beckham is a perfect example of this beautiful face shape. Here in contrast to the inverted triangle, the jawline is significantly wider than the brow bone. The face becomes successively wider from browbone to cheek bone to the jawline. In this instance, we want our styles to have more width in the crown up through the temples. We want to avoid chin length hair and so longer looks should be more towards the shoulders. To open up the forehead we would place our lighter colors and highlights here and darken from the ears on down. This will draw your eye up and open up the eyes.



Square face shapes create the illusion of a short face. Typically the brown bone, cheekbone, and jawline are approximately the same width forming a straight line. The width of the face is noticeably more than 2/3 of the length thus the seemingly short face. Square face shapes tend to look best with longer hair styles that go below the chin. This helps to soften the strong jaw line. Choppy, uneven fringes soften the face shape while height in the crown helps to give the illusion of length which often is essential for this face shape. We generally choose to put darker color placement around the temples, forehead, and jawline to soften these strong facial features. Brightening the ends helps to create length as well. Remember Jennifer Aniston!



Circle face shapes (so many of us think our faces are round and often is not the case) often work well with many styles and looks. Circle face shapes are distinguished by round curved lines with cheekbones noticeably wider than the brow bone and jawline. The important thing here is to add fullness and height at the crown and above the ears. We absolutely want to minimize fullness in the sides as this would only accentuate width, not the best look. Think Cameron Diaz. Straight full fringes not so good either. Diagonal and asymmetrical lines help create the illusion of length for this face shape. We want to highlight and brighten above the forehead to add length and darken around the cheeks and jaw to lean out the face.



Our most ideal face shape (for stylists that is…), the oval, offers the most versatility as most styles and color placement work well. Here the face is longer than it is wide and appears the most balanced. Our main focus here is to prevent styles and color/highlights that accentuate length. We want to maintain the integrity of the oval face shape, like Jessica Alba, thus maintaining the balance.

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