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What’s Your Curly Hair Type?

What is your curly hair type?  Some have worked hard at creating a classification system to determine curly types.  While this may be helpful it is far from universal. That said there are 3 primary curly hair types

1. A Wavy / Swavy Curly Hair Type
#2 classification

2. A Curly Hair Type
#3 classification

3. A Super Coily/ Kinky Curly Hair Type
#4 classification



Our wavy / swavy curly hair types generally combat the most frizz and have the greatest difficulty in maintaining a consistent look from day to day.  Wavy swavy can be different every single day. Frizz fighting products with lots of hydration and then a light hold are absolutely essential. Inner Peace Whipped Cream Texturizer by Inner Sense is amazing for plumping up and enhancing natural wavy swavy textures.


Often you can simply seal in the hydration with a soft hold like the I Create Lift Volume Foam by Inner Sense or simply spray it with the I Create Finish. Gently blot dry with a canvas towel and then diffuse BUT don’t touch the hair. Diffuse upside down and get at least 50 – 70% of the moisture out. You can then flip back up and let it completely air dry. Once the hair is fully dry you can then break up the cast to bring out the bouncy plump wave you should get from this combination.



Our curly girls have the most difficulty finding the right amount of product to use and then following up on day 2 or day 3 hair without getting too much frizz.  Too much product looks like too much product and too little means frizzy unruly hair within hours. It is key here to not rinse out your conditioner. Leave a good amount if not all the conditioner in your hair so it has proper hydration.  Use a good canvas towel or Deva Towel and blot this curly hair type to drive hydration deeper into the hair while absorbing excess that can leave the hair looking greasy.


On Day 2 or Day 3 dry or wet refreshes are essential to maintaining an easy on the go lifestyle where you don’t feel you have to do your hair every day.  Quite Calm by InnerSense or Super Shine by Deva Curl are both awesome for either the dry or wet refreshes. This is a bit more in-depth and requires an in-salon lesson. But also keep an eye out, we will be posting a video soon!


You can also book a Skanda Curl Therapy session and one of our curly hair specialists will gladly take the time to teach you how to best manage your curls and the best Inner Sense and Deva products for your hair.



Super Coily curly hair type (sometimes called kinky) is the dryest and often the most coarse.  This beautiful texture needs the greatest amount of hydration and loving care. As with all curly hair textures not combing through with a comb or brush is best but if the coils are matted sometimes a wet brush is warranted in this instance. Before using the wet brush, however, saturate the hair with water and then work through the hair Wash Day Wonder by Deva Curl, this miracle product works amazingly well at getting some of the worst matted hair tangle free.


Intense hydration for super coily hair is the key, when you think it’s wet enough, add more water and more conditioner.  Be sure you can work your fingers all the way through the ends with no tangle what so ever, then you will have beautifully defined coils. Again a heavy conditioner like the Hydrating Conditioner by Inner Sense is amazing on coils, no need to rinse much out, then top it off with Quiet Calm by Inner Sense and then seal it all in with I Create Hold by InnerSense.


Diffuse or put under the hooded dryer until its completely dry and then shake it out at the scalp to break the cast. This amazing combination leaves coily hair looking it’s best.

As always all curl patterns are unique as is every individual so please come in and let us diagnose your personal curl pattern.  Many people have multiple curl types on their one head! We can teach and customize the best curly hair regimen for you so you feel and look your best curly self!

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