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Embracing My Curly Hair

Living My Best Self

by @kevinskanda

How can I relate embracing my curly hair to my yoga practice, let alone being my best self?  Yoga, meaning union, has been the cornerstone of my life and has repeatedly transformed my life. Yoga simply put is about becoming one with the Self, full on 100% self-acceptance and self-love.


Yoga is a way of being with Self.  This, of course, starts with our own individual self that walks this planet. I began my yogic journey at the age of 29 when I started the journey of true inner growth.

So how does being a hair stylist and not embracing my curly hair fit in with being with one's self?

Even though I am a hair stylist, not embracing my curly hair was something I fought my entire life. As far back as I can remember.  I truly hated my curly hair. I was so jealous of those that had straight hair. To me straight hair was sexy.  Straight hair was cool. Straight hair was the way to be. And so I chemically straightened my hair repeatedly (since high school), did all kinds of keratins and amino treatments, blew out my hair, flat ironed my hair.  It was a never ending battle with myself where I refused to accept a part of me simply as I am, with curls! It really was all about the fear of rejection.

How Deva Curl taught me that embracing my curly hair would change my life.

In early 2017 we brought Deva Curl into our salon.  It was then I just decided I too should give my curly hair a try.  You know, walk the talk. I embraced my curls and grew them for several months until one day had a breakdown and cut them all off.  Of course, days later I regretted it. Now its approaching 2 years since I have been growing my curls and I love them! It has been so liberating OMG!  Embracing my curly hair has changed my life. Another practice of self-love, accepting myself exactly as I am. I finally surrendered to the physicality I was blessed with this life, curly hair and all.  I became willing. This is Yoga. This is union with self. Embracing all parts of my being. It may seem small but it was a big deal for me and it feels great. I get to have hair that is different every day and is not mainstream, yet!  I get to be free of chemicals and now have more free time in my schedule.

Embracing my curly hair is another practice of self-love and self-nurture, this is Yoga

Anyone out there looking to embrace their own curly hair please call and make an appointment at Salon Skanda.  We will detox your hair to make your curls more beautiful, teach you how to care and nurture your curly hair and shape your hair in a way that brings out Your Best Self.  It is my intention and hopes that I can help you on your curl journey, embracing and living your best self, and practicing curly hair Yoga.


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Kevin before embracing his curl.
Kevin After Embracing His Curl
Kevin After Embracing His Curl

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