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Hair Color – From Balayage to Blonde What’s Right for You?

How to get the best Hair Color for you and your lifestyle!

by Felistas

Calling a salon to request a hair color appointment can be intimidating and overwhelming. Finding a salon that can give you the  RIGHT blond hair color can be even more frustrating. Do you ask for highlights, balayage, or something else? There are so many buzzwords muddling things up making it hard to ask for the right thing with so many options in today’s hair color world.  At Salon Skanda, we specialize in making your hair color look effortless and modern no matter what process is used.


What to do when you know what hair color you like but you’re not sure how to explain it.


No matter how we consult with you, Pinterest boards are always encouraged so we can see your dream hair color and cut.  Show it to us on your phone or share it with us on Pinterest.


  • Book a Consultation – The best way to get the hair color you want is to come in for a consultation to discuss your hair coloring needs. In fact, we STRONGLY encourage it.  We will share the best way to accomplish your desired look while maintaining the integrity, shine, and health of your hair.
  • Send us an Email – If you absolutely can not come into the salon, you may email us photos or selfies of your hair from ALL angles. Also, include pictures of your desired result. We will then send you an email with our suggestion of what should be done for your upcoming appointment along with how long it will take to do.


Please be aware to ensure pricing integrity, we only give pricing or quotes in person. This is due to the many variables in hair color, the current condition of your hair, and your desired result.  Starting prices of each service are located on our services page and for services not listed we will provide you with a starting cost.


Sometimes we can accomplish everything in one visit, sometimes it takes multiple visits. It all depends on what your hair canvas has already been through and the desired result.


How often do you need to touch up your roots after getting your hair colored?


The frequency of how many times you get hair coloring, highlights, balayage, and toning depends on how high maintenance (more frequent visits) or how lived in/low maintenance the look you desire. For a lot of bright blondes, 6 weeks is usually perfect to touch up the highlights. This is more for a look that has bright highlights always going all the way to the scalp.  This is great for those desiring to soften gray that is growing in or those that know being blonde is more fun. All over bright blondes require even more frequent salon visits of approximately every 3 weeks for a root touch up. Extending your touch up to go longer causes an uneven lift in the all over lightening application due to the heat from the scalp lessening as the hair gets further out from the scalp.  The more lived in modern “rooty” looks is a lower maintenance color requiring less highlight touch ups but usually requiring a toner every 6 weeks until it’s time to highlight again, which usually adds up to three or four times a year for any kind of balayage technique. The toners every 6 weeks keep your balayage looking fresh, revived, and classy not brassy.


Choosing the right hair color treatment:


When you visit us for an in-person consultation we will explore together some of our feature services including babylights, balayage, root shadows and more. Every hair coloring, highlight, balayage, and blond hair color service is personally tailored to you allowing us to create the personal celebrity style suited to making you your Best Self.

As part of the Salon Skanda culture, we will always, no matter how many times or how often you come in,  always check in with the products that you are using at home. We are not trying to be pushy or salesy but to educate you on how to preserve your hair color.  We do not guarantee any chemical services or hair color unless you have purchased a product from us. The products we recommend preserve the integrity and health of your hair all the while preserving your hair color.

Click on a tab below to take a look at some of our hair color services a little closer.

blond balayage hair color before and after photos at Salon Skanda

Balayage highlighting services include an Elixer 1 treatment which protects the bonds in your hair thus preserving the integrity of your hair.  Much like Olaplex, Elixer 1 is significantly more restorative. Elixir 1 coupled with a gentle lightener like Eufora’s aloe vera based cream lighteners ensure gentle color lightening of your hair while maintaining hair strength and elasticity.

blond hair color model

Salon Skanda is known as the best place to get the perfect blonde. Whether you are a bright blonde, dark blonde, or brunette with sunkissed shades of caramel, our goal is to make it complement your style and make you look and feel your Best Self.


Lightening your hair color can depending on your current hair color and may not be a one-step process. Social Media may make you think you can go from black to platinum blonde in one visit but it’s not reality. Remember Khloe Kardashian, she went from brunette to bright bright blonde. This blond hair color transformation took at least 12 salon visits.


However, if you have previously colored your hair with any kind of color – a box color from the grocery store, or another salon – the hair coloring process can be much more involved and we are entering into the realm of corrective color.  Lightening any kind of hair dye always slows down the process and hair tones often do not lift evenly and can lighten significantly more brassy. The details of corrective color are beyond the scope of this article but do know that previously colored hair always plays a significant role in pricing, timing, and how many visits to get to your new hair color result.


Hair color lifts or lightens in stages from dark brown to red to red-orange to orange to orange-yellow to yellow to pale gold. Sometimes depending on the brightness of the color, we want to see, it can take more than the first visit to get to the goal. It takes patience and trust to know that your blonde hair color specialist is taking the steps that will keep your hair in the best condition while looking great. These underlying colors are called undertones and this is what we perceive as brassy.  Most of us don’t want the brassiness that comes with lightning, that’s when toning comes in.

Clearly, we see anyone that wants to be lighter has to go through a process: this is determined by how much you’ve colored your hair in the past coupled with the integrity of your hair.  At Salon Skanda, we personally recommend the hair color tones that most complement your skin and bring out your eyes. We never want anyone to feel washed out. When we tone hair we are canceling out or enhancing the color we lifted to; helping us to create the picture perfect hair color we are looking for. Besides creating the brightness, coolness, or richness we are looking for, toning also helps to add back in essential lipids that are disturbed during the lightening process, this strengthens your hair and closes down your cuticle so it can get back to its normal state. If for some magical reason we don’t need to tone it is then essential to do a treatment like Elixer 2  which also helps to close down the cuticle and bring back shine!


For those wanting a big change that requires your hair to darken or lighten more than 3 levels (shades) then be prepared to change your makeup.  Not sure what colors are best for you, let one of our hair color specialists share some different hair color pieces on you during your consultation and you can see with your own eyes what does and does not best suited for you.  

curly blonde hair model with darker roots

For Blonde Hair

Depending on the modern blonde look you are desiring, our hair color specialists approach the softening and blending of the roots with intention and a delicate eye. We love New Blonde which is specifically designed for our custom blondes to shift and blend the roots with the highlights. New Blonde is offered as an in-between highlight touch-up, New Blonde also gives the effect of blending the roots and the regrowth to soften and or eliminate lines of demarcation.


For Darker Hair Color


For darker hair colors, we prefer to do a Root Shadow which adds depth at the root for a very modern look.  A root shadow is meant to soften the start of the highlights offering a gentler transition from dark to light. Root Shadows along with a toner on the ends is always recommended between balayage or highlighting services.  The root shadow softens, blends, and maintains a polished look until it’s time to highlight again. Of course, this is for those that like to stretch out the time between highlighting/ balayage appointments.

client having hair color applied by Salon Skanda Employees

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