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My Struggles with Naturally Curly Hair

Embracing My Naturally Curly Hair

by @kristalannkaiser

This is a story about my struggles with my naturally curly hair; you might relate. I was like many young girls, caught-up in self-loathing. Feeling less-than with my natural, unruly curls.


I would spend hours blow drying, straightening, and then straightening again, only to leave the house and have my perfectly straight hair frizz and puff as soon as I stepped out in the Georgia humidity.


Left with a semi-straightened mess that wasn’t anywhere close to the long, straight, blonde hair every girl wanted.


I tried wearing my curls for a while in high school when gel was all the rage. I would straighten my bangs and scrunch the life out of my waves. The gel would form a shell, hard enough to withstand the Georgia humidity—and break a hairbrush.


I came to the conclusion that, “my hair is just too frizzy,” and began exclusively straightening it. That is, until last year, when our Salon got a supposedly awesome new curly product in, called DevaCurl.


I was a skeptic to say the least. But, in the spirit of trying anything to tame my natural hair, I volunteered to be a model for our first DevaCurl class—and I’ve never looked back! For the first time in my life, my curl both looked and felt amazing!


Over the past year, I have fully embraced my natural, curly texture and I encourage everyone who walks through the salon door to give their natural curls a try!


With the DevaCurl products, my morning routine has been simplified—no more straightening, curling, and straightening again. I can wash and go, knowing I’ll leave the house looking cute and feeling confident.


For anyone who is tired of fighting their natural texture I highly recommend treating yourself to a Salon Skanda Curl Therapy Session @skandacurltherapy. It might just change your life, it’s definitely changed mine!


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