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Service Products

Our Atlanta hair salon is committed to superior hair care by featuring only the highest quality product lines. We carefully select the products that we offer to our clients in order to provide exceptional performance, amazing style, and long-lasting color, hold, and protection.



Salon Skanda strives to provide hair color service products, such as Eufora, that will give you the perfect color that lasts.

Eufora Color

EuforaColor was created with advanced hybrid technology that incorporates LOW and NO Ammonia color at extremely low percentages. Our full range of service products allows your colorist to create whatever they can imagine, we are sure to find the right hue for you. Gentle on your body, gentle on the Earth. Eufora hair color has been voted the best gray coverage color line on the market. The shine with Eufora hair color is unprecedented. Get Golden Wheat Blonde Highlights or the perfect Ice-Cold Platinum with EuforaColor Toning Solution Developer and No Ammonia Shades.


An artistic array of 12 direct dye shades like purple iris, peony pink, blue sky, and sterling silver. Artisan Shades provide optimum brilliance with EuforaColor™  direct dye technology. Artisan Shade vibrancy will last up to 12 shampoos when used harmoniously with the Eufora COLOR ELIXIR SYSTEM and Eufora Style Color Locking System™ .

Eufora also offers a great line of hair care products for you to use to make your beautiful hair color last.



Goldwell Topchic Color

Goldwell’s Topchic Professional Hair Color, an award-winning and stylist-approved product, is a permanent alkaline hair color for multidimensional color. Infused with hydrolyzed wheat protein and panthenol, Topchic delivers strength and shine. Topchic is a patented penetration service product system that distributes even pigment from scalp to ends.


Goldwell Elumen Color

Goldwell Elumen’s high-performance hair color illuminates the hair intensively from the inside out to achieve rich color, exceptional shine, and vivid durability. The entire Elumen line is oxidant, peroxide, and ammonia free giving your hair radiant color without the damage.


Goldwell Colorance Color

Colorance is the first demi-permanent color service products with the patented IntraLipid Technology that repairs your locks by replenishing proteins lost to damaged hair. Intralipid technology offers the best hair protection, durable regeneration of the hair structure while helping to enhance your natural color with 50% to 75% gray coverage. The end result: fresher, livelier, and intense hair color.



Salon Skanda strives to provide products, such as Oribe, that will allow your salon experience to return home with you.

Goldwell SilkLift Lightner

For blonde clients who demand perfectly conditioned, healthy looking hair, Goldwell offers SilkLift, a revolutionary new service product that combines powerful high-performance lightener with unique conditioning serum for silky hair with a shine that lasts.


The SilkLift Lightening System features two formulas tailored to meet your desired level of lightening. Choose between strong lifting, up to 7 levels, or gentle lifting, up to 5 levels. Throughout the lightening process, your hair remains richly conditioned wrapped in cream developers. Goldwell Silklift lightener is  invaluable for lightening hair previously color treated or lightened.


Goldwell New Blonde Lightener

Goldwell New Blonde is a revolutionary salon-exclusive product that creates natural-looking blended highlights while providing a solution for re-growth color contrast in between highlighting services. All in just 5 minutes! New Blonde works by lightening only your natural hair which softens harsh color contrasts for that natural blonde look.


Aloe Light Cream Lightener and Aloe Light Blue Lightening Pods

The aloe lightener and pods are lightener infused with aloe to keep hair soft and supple.



Keratin Complex 

Keratin is a fibrous protein found naturally in the hair. It acts as a protective shield against humidity, the primary cause of frizz. Over time, the hair loses keratin from exposure to the sun, the environment, styling and chemical services. Porous spots develop in this damaged hair, much like potholes in a road. Keratin Complex® Smoothing Therapy treatments give the hair shine, strength, smoothness, and elasticity.


By replenishing lost Keratin, Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy treatments help repair damage, lock out humidity to reduce unwanted frizz, and give hair increased manageability and styling versatility. Our signature Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy helps to rebuild strength and restore smoothness and elasticity to the hair, giving your locks youth and beauty.



Thermal-active KeraShape Technology tames unruly, curly/frizzy hair into smooth, long lasting locks. By creating new keratin bonds, Kerasilk locks in your strands’ new structure and yields hair that is soft to the touch.



Get the perfect beach wave permanent waves and curl with added volume and fullness.

Eufora Texture Aloeplex Professional Wave System

Forget perms, Eufora Texture Aloeplex Professional Wave system has revolutionized the way we texture hair to get the volume, curls, and beach waves you desire. We can offer the creation of waves and curl with added volume and fullness. Our technique allows you to choose your desired texture anywhere from soft waves or defined curls.



Eufora Color Elixer 1 & 2 Color

Elixir is a hair preventative for breakage.  1 is the color/lightener add in and 2 is the accompanying conditioning treatment.



The new Kerasilk with Keratransform Technology™ (KT³™) fuses the power of three ingredients to deliver beautiful hair transformations.

The first two ingredients — engineered Keratin and lightweight silk — benefit structural support and color protection. Together, these form the foundation for all Kerasilk formulas. The third advanced ingredient, inspired by the skin care industry, delivers specialized results specific to each of Kerasilk’s four segments.

This multidimensional combination of ingredients propels Kerasilk to the forefront of luxury hair care innovation — the foundation for the perfect transformation of beauty, strength and protection.



Add life and shine to your hair with the latest in color-maintenance technology. Intense, cuticle-enriching conditioning, color protecting UV filters and next-generation frizz-taming bio-polymers supercharge this color-enhancing and hair-repairing,  masque.


A super-rich indulgence. Oribe’s crème de la crème deep-hydrating masques transforms even the driest, most damaged hair, leaving supremely soft and irresistibly touchable tresses.


Dual Senses

This Leave-In Serum will instantly infuse your hair color with brilliant, healthy sheen. Dual Senses Leave-in Serum uses the Brilliance System with Pomegranate Extract and UV Filters to protect your hair against damage from the sun. It’s combined with the Instant Microfluid Technology to give your hair that rich, healthy look.


This Leave-In Serum regenerates hair intensively in seconds. The Regenerative IntraLipidComplex with Pashmina Silk Protein works to provide ultimate shine, repairing dry and damaged hair instantly.


Goldwell ColorLock Serum

Goldwell ColorLock Serum for blonde & highlighted hair works to immediately intensify and lock in color while providing regenerative haircare.


The Goldwell ColorLock Serum is specifically designed for coarse and thick color treated hair that needs that extra protection. The serum instantly locks in color, amplifies color brilliance and provides nourishing care. The ColorChromaComplex with rich Raspberry Seed Oil, UV-Filter, and Instant Microfluid Technology.



Salon Skanda will help you add some length or completely change your whole look with our hair extension service products.

Easihair Pro

Easihair Pro offers high-quality tape-in hair extensions for clients looking to add volume and length to their hair. All extensions are made with 100% cuticle intact virgin human hair, and with a vast variety of colors and lengths, choosing the extension that seamlessly blends into your natural hair has never been easier.


Invisi-tab by Hairart

Harvested from all over Europe to best match client’s hair type, this hair is 100% unprocessed, leaving it softer than hair commonly used in extensions. Without the introduction of color treatments or processing Invisi-tab extensions accept color easily, allowing the hair to be colored and highlighted just like natural hair. They are heat-friendly and can be styled with blow dryers, flat irons, and curling rods to create the desired look.


Remy Hair Extensions

Adaptability, that’s the Remy hair advantage. Remy hair blends perfectly to all hair types and offers an alternative to clients of all ethnicities. Culled from Asia, which is treated and colored to match client’s hair type, our Remy is real human hair. Remy Hair Extensions have the cuticle still on each strand, making hair luxurious and smooth with long-lasting luster.

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