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About Salon Skanda

Skanda- [skahn-dah] “achieving highest human potential”


Our Unique Approach to Your Satisfaction

If you’ve ever been a client at Salon Skanda, you’ve probably noticed a different vibe as soon as you walk in. You’ll find more of us smiling here than you will other places. Unlike many salons, you’ll notice team members helping each other in order to stay on schedule and deliver a better experience for you. In fact, it’s not uncommon for you to receive services from one, two or even three people before you leave. It’s all part of our purpose of helping you feel beautiful inside and out. We call this team synergy.


Often when someone new walks into our doors they feel something different at Salon Skanda. What they are experiencing is the closeness of Skanda team members working together for a common goal, to make each and every guest feel and look their Best Self. We work together to better serve our guests by staying on time and delivering a superior experience.  The talent of our team is available to anyone so you never have to feel locked into just one hair designer, colorist, or specialist. Our purpose in this is to give you a superior Salon experience.


How do we do it?  Unlike most salons, we don’t pay our employees on commission. Salon Skanda employees are compensated on salary whether they are booked or not. This allows us to be about our guest’s experience and work together towards the common goal of making everyone feel and look their Best Self instead of competing against each other. Our #1 goal is to offer the best quality hair services and products for you, our guest, without being pushy salespeople.  Taking this unique approach has created a closeness and joyfulness amongst both the Skanda team and our guests.


In the mood to shake things up and try something new? Try another team member, we actually encourage it!  The entire focus of the Salon Skanda team is to ensure that you look and feel your best. You’ll be happier knowing all products and services are offered with the intention of creating the best you.


Now you understand the reason why Salon Skanda has been voted Best Hair Salon in Atlanta every year since 2012. If you haven’t experienced Salon Skanda yet, come to see our teamwork in action by making an appointment today!


  • Kevin
    Kevin’s passion lies in both curly and corrective haircutting. He loves embracing natural textures and creating easy to manage hair to feel your Best Self!
  • Shelby
    ShelbySenior Stylist
    Shelby loves to provide all services, anything and everything hair related. She is highly talented in balayage, haircutting, extensions, and styling.
  • Felistas
    FelistasSenior Stylist
    Falistas is an artist and loves everything from the signature Skanda head massage to creating haircuts and color that best show off the guest's personality.
  • Kristal
    KristalSenior Stylist
    Kristal was promoted in 2019 due to her high demand and creativity. Her focus is on curly hair and dimensional coloring but is talented in all things hair.
  • Randy
    RandyRising Star Stylist
    Randy is in our Rising Star program. Highly professional with a high attention to detail, Randy is proving himself to be an all-star hairdresser.
  • Niajah
    NiajahJunior Stylist
    Niajah seeks to help every guest feel beautiful inside and out. There are no limits in beauty, beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.
  • Robert
    RobertBusiness Manager
    Robert is the tech guru behind Salon Skanda's success. He also shares his knowledge with other salons to help them too.
  • Sheryl
    SherylGuest Relations
    Sheryl is the oil of Team Skanda making sure all parts are running smoothly. Her excellence in customer service elevates the experience for every client she encounters.



The Purple Hair Challange

The staff at Sandy Springs’ Salon Skanda donated their products and services to The Purple Hair Challenge, a fundraiser for Team Summer, a nonprofit named in memory of local teen Summer Dale, who died from a rare form of cancer in 2012.

“When Summer’s mother, Lynne Dale, told us Summer’s story, we were blown away,” says Salon Skanda co-owner Robert Miraglia. “Every employee signed up [to help out]. Sometimes we get stuck in our own day to day problems. It felt great to make a contribution.” Notes Lynne Dale, “Our original goal was $20,000, and we raised an astonishing $43,000.”

Team Summer got its start in 2011 when a family friend began selling purple rubber bracelets to help defray the Dales’ medical costs for Summer’s treatment, with some left over for Summer’s favorite cause. “At first, Summer wanted nothing to do with the cancer community,” says her mom. “Then [Summer met] an 11-year-old girl named Sarah who had Ewing’s sarcoma. Summer did a complete turnaround and decided to start a network of kids helping kids.” Sarah was gifted with an iPod Touch, and Summer chose unique gifts for other children battling cancer.

Summer tragically lost her battle, but after her death, her family asked Team Summer recipients to “pass it forward” using funds from the organization. The network lives on, thanks to fundraisers like The Purple Hair Challenge. For more information, visit


Article republished from Mickey Goodman, Simply Buckhead
Photos: CR Richterkessing Photography

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