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Salon Skanda is proud to say that all of our colorists are trained in Headmapping®—a waste-free coloring technique that allows us to provide our clients with the most price efficient option while giving them the best hair color in Atlanta. Just ask Michelle Williams.

At Salon Skanda, we use HeadMapping® to apply color. It is an operational hair coloring system that allows our salon to deliver consistent hair coloring through creative technical standards. We are serious about color and understand how important results are to you and what great consistent hair color can do for you mentally, emotionally and physically. Whether you need your roots touched up, full highlights or new fresh color, we can offer you more flexibility with available options when scheduling hair coloring services.


Using Goldwell Hair Color, our whole color team is trained and capable of replicating all color services. To guarantee results, all color formulas and procedures are always inputted and kept using our ColorBiz software. Pricing integrity is offered through our itemized color menu, and as a HeadMapping® salon client, you will experience consistent pricing.



Balayage is a technique for highlighting hair where dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. It is a freehand technique as no foil or meche are used to create the highlights. A little balayage goes a long way, so it definitely costs less over time. Balayage has softer, less noticeable regrowth lines than traditional highlights – the principal idea being less is more when creating soft, natural looks. You don’t need to visit the salon every 6 weeks as you do with foils – you only need to see your colorist every 12-14 weeks as the highlights will grow out naturally.


DevaCurl’s trademarked Pintura hair coloring technique is based on the French hair painting technique known as balayage.  Pintura color is great on curly hair to add dimension to any curly girl. Whether it is gray blending, highlights and blonding, or depth and dimension, all fit into the Deva Curl Pintura hair painting technique.  The look can be soft or bold, whatever is your personal flavor. Of course, to better serve you, we at Salon Skanda are well trained in all of today’s modern hair color techniques so you are not just limited to the tradition Pintura technique, we will your hair color based on your lifestyle, personality, and fashion.

  • Salon Skanda had 3 tiers of pricing with our color professionals due to expertise and demand for their time.  Pricing above reflects our base level of color pricing.
  • Additional charges for the additional color used and or additional time due to hair length, hair density, and grow out.
  • Due to the nature of corrective color, several steps and visits may be necessary to achieve the desired look. A stand-alone consultation is required before any work can be performed, at which time a price will be provided.

    • Regrowth Only starting at
      $ 61
    • Partial Regrowth
      $ 31
    • Color balance (regrowth and ends refresh) starting at
      $ 71
    • Color tone starting at
      $ 25
    • Root extension/ root shadow
      + $ 25
    • Base break starting at
      $ 50


    • ¼ head starting at
      $ 50
    • 1/2 head starting at
      $ 81
    • 3/4 head starting at
      $ 91
    • Full head starting at
      $ 111


(includes hair bond protector)
    • ½ head starting at
      $ 120
    • Full head starting at
      $ 155
    • 3/4 head starting at
      $ 145
    • Pintura curly hair balayage full head starting at
      $ 155

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