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Natural Curly Hairstyles


Natural Curly Hairstyles

Embracing your natural curl can be easier than you think. Let us give you the best natural curly hairstyles for your naturally curly hair then we’ll teach and customize the best curly hair regimen for you with our custom curl therapy coaching so you feel and look your best curly self!

Embrace Your Curly Hair!

The Salon Skanda team are here to help you achieve your best natural curly self with one of our Award Winning Natural Curly Hairstyles! Our depth of experience in working with all curly hair texture including swavy and wavy to super coily.  We love helping you make the transition from chemically and physically straightening your hair to embracing your naturally curly hair texture. Understanding the challenges of working with curls is so much about cutting the curl at the right place rather than how much you take off.  Analyzing your curl, and giving the right shape to create freedom and movement all go into the artistry in creating your curly hairstyle. Our team has worked with and continue to train with some of the greatest curly hair professionals in the world from Lorraine Massey (Deva founder), Deva Curl,  Scott Musgrave, Sally Rogerson and more. Team Skanda’s curly hair specialists can help YOU understand and embrace Your curl.

Natural Curly Hairstyle Products

We’ll introduce you to our naturally curly hairstyle friendly products like Deva Curl, Inner Sense, and Eufora. They are the best curl enhancing products and will radically transform saggy limp or super fuzzy hair into hydrated bouncy voluminous or elongated curls with proper maintenance over time. We love to watch the excitement our clients feel when we teach you proper washing, drying, hydration, filling, and sealing for your optimal look. Please give us the opportunity to serve you, teach you, and help you be your Best Curly Self. 

Salon Skanda Curly Hair Salon Atlanta specializes in natural curly hair

Natural Curly Hairstyles Cut and Color Pricing

  • Pricing based on Junior/Senior/Master stylists.
  • Bang and neck trims are complimentary for all existing customers.
  • Please note that some hair types (such as thicker, longer, or more textured hair) require additional time and/or use of product, which will be reflected in the price.

    • Deva Cut with Skanda Curl Therapy
      $ 125/150/175
    • DevaCut / Skanda Curl Therapy Cut Only (no wash, set, or dry for repeat guests only)
    • Skanda Curl Therapy Coaching (No Cut)
      $ 75 per hour
    • Pintura Highlights - Curly Hair Balayage
      $145/155 and up

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