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What is Skanda Curl Therapy?

Let us Coach You and Your Curls!

by @kevinskanda

Skanda Curl Therapy is your opportunity to let one of our curl specialists teach you how to care for, set, and finish your curls with minimum frizz.  Your curls must be nurtured and embraced. We must acknowledge Scott Musgrave for his system in refining and finishing naturally curly hair. He has an amazing system called the MAP method that we recommend for all Salon Skanda guests.  You can learn more about him out at  

Skanda Curl Therapy - Learn to Reduce Frizz

The biggest challenge for curly hair is reducing frizz and accepting your curl and yourself just as you are!  Yes, every day your hair will look a bit different, but that’s primarily just to you when you look at yourself in the mirror.  Most friends and family hardly notice any difference in their curly-haired loved ones.

What Happens During Skanda Curl Therapy Session?

During your Skanda curl therapy session, we will detox your hair to remove build up that drys out thirsty curls.  This is critical especially if you have been using over the counter grocery store/drugstore products. They are filled with cosmetic ingredients and fillers to simply make your hair feel good for the short term.  Long-term they dry your hair out more and more and frizz can become a never-ending battle. After your hair detox, you will receive a hair cleansing bath with one of our curl specialty products free of cosmetic ingredients. After cleansing, proper moisture and hydration for your curl texture will be applied with care and intention to reduce frizz and halo.  Embracing Scott’s MAP method, we will show you how to properly hydrate your hair. A quality conditioner is imperative for beautiful curl. After proper hydration, we will then teach you how to further moisturize your hair to eliminate frizz and either enhance or elongate your curl texture depending on your desire. You will be talked through and guided on how to set and hold your curls after the proper filler is applied.  This ensures and creates plump curl separation. Finally, we will share tips and tricks in drying and diffusing to achieve the finished result for your desired look.


Skanda Curl Therapy might sound like a lot but after going through the process with us you will get it down quickly.  Maintaining beautiful bouncy curls will seem effortless in no time at all. We even share the dry and wet refresh techniques for day 2,3, or day 4 hair!  The most important thing is to consistently use high-quality hair care products to best nurture your curls. If you stick with the program and high-quality products you will see a curl transformation that takes place up to 9 months. However, in just 30 days the difference can be radical and absolutely beautiful!

Skanda Curl Therapy Clients

skanda curl therapy client
Salon Skanda Curl Therapy Client Natural Hair


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