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The master stylists at Salon Skanda hair salon specialize in a wide array of services designed to assist you in discovering and maintaining exceptional artistry and beauty for your hair with the latest techniques for coloring, cutting, and style.

Salon Skanda offers a wide range of services for all hair types. Some of our stylists specialize in certain types of hair like curly hair and natural hair. We offer team servicing to our clients so that they can get the best person to suit their style and budget.


The most common questions we get is what is the difference between Rising Star Stylists, Junior Stylists, Senior Stylists, and Master Stylists?  Why is the price different? Are Rising Stars bad because their price is the lowest?


The price differential is a reflection of the service providers experience and demand on their time.  As with all high demand services and products, we pay more for anything in higher demand.


All of our team members are licensed and go through the Salon Skanda certification process for all haircuts, color techniques, and styling. At Salon Skanda, we have an intensive education program that all team members are required to complete as they grow with the company. Their title dictates where they are in our education program. We do this to ensure we deliver a quality, consistent experience for each and every client no matter which stylist is caring for your hair.  


Please remember the skills and passions of every team member are available to every guest. Please do not ever feel locked into just one service provider unless that is your choice. We encourage you to try every one!

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Team Servicing

Award Winning Collaboration

At Salon Skanda, we practice the highest form of team service, which means that the skills of our entire team are available to you. We don’t lock you into one technician or keep you on a waiting list because meeting your needs and busy schedule is our top priority. While not every technician is a master of all skills, each has areas of expertise that, in combination, offer you a palette of personal image enhancement options that is truly unrivaled.

Continuing Education

Dedication to Artistry

To ensure consistent service quality and technical skill, each staff member completes our skill certification program, meaning you can always have confidence and peace of mind knowing you are in the talented hands of skilled certified team members. You’ll always have a fresh perspective, and you’ll always receive the utmost in genuine quality service and attention.

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