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The master stylists at Salon Skanda hair salon specialize in a wide array of services designed to assist you in discovering and maintaining exceptional artistry and beauty for your hair with the latest techniques for coloring, cutting, and style.

Salon Skanda offers a wide range of services for all hair types. Some of our stylists specialize in certain types of hair like curly hair and natural hair. We offer team servicing to our clients so that they can get the best person to suit their style and budget.


The most common questions we get is what is the difference between Rising Star Stylists, Junior Stylists, Senior Stylists, and Master Stylists?  Why is the price different? Are Rising Stars bad because their price is the lowest?


All of our team members are licensed and go through the Salon Skanda certification process for all hair services from haircuts to color techniques, and styling. At Salon Skanda, we have an intensive education program that all team members are required to complete as they grow with the company. Their title dictates where they are in Salon Skanda’s education program. We do this to ensure we deliver quality hair services and a consistent experience for each and every client no matter which stylist is caring for your hair.  

  • Pricing based on Junior/Senior/Master stylists.
  • Bang and neck trims are complimentary for all existing customers.
  • Please note that some hair types (such as thicker, longer, or more textured hair) require additional time and/or use of product, which will be reflected in the price.
  • There is an additional charges for excessive detangling or taking down braids, twists, coils or weaves



The Salon Skanda team are here to help you achieve your best natural curly self with one of our Award Winning Natural Curly Hairstyles! Our depth of experience in working with all curly hair texture including swavy and wavy to super coily.  We love helping you make the transition from chemically and physically straightening your hair to embracing your naturally curly hair texture. Understanding the challenges of working with curls is so much about cutting the curl at the right place rather than how much you take off.  Analyzing your curl, and giving the right shape to create freedom and movement all go into the artistry in creating your curly hairstyle. Our team has worked with and continue to train with some of the greatest curly hair professionals in the world from Lorraine Massey (Deva founder), Deva Curl,  Scott Musgrave, Sally Rogerson and more. Team Skanda’s curly hair specialists can help YOU understand and embrace YOUR curl.

    • Skanda Curl Therapy Cut (Deva Cut | 2 Hour Service)
      $ 100/125/150
    • Skanda Curl Therapy Cut Only (dry Deva Cut for repeat guests only)
      $ 50/65/79
    • Skanda Curl Therapy Coaching w/o Cut (aka No Poo Transformation)
      $ 75 per hour
    • Deva Curl Pintura Highlights - Curly Hair Balayage
      $145/155 and up
    • Permanent Wave | Beach Wave Perm
    • Detangling Services
      $25 per 15 minutes


All precision haircuts are tailored specifically to each client based on their lifestyle and with the intention of creating looks which can easily be replicated at home on a day to day basis. Clean lines and small sections allow effortless, beautiful looking hair. At Salon Skanda, we have adopted the SR education series taught by Sally Rogerson, former Senior Creative Director of Vidal Sassoon for over 20 years.  Our lead stylists have undergone extensive training so that our hair cutting services offer every client modern, sophisticated looking hair that is easy to maintain.

    • Cut/Blowdry
      $ 50/65/79
    • Barbering
      $ 36/46/58


Salon Skanda’s stylists work backward from the end look you have in mind and develop a customized plan to get you there. Our magic comes from an extensive and carefully curated blend of techniques, products, and tools that can have you feeling your best whether you’re headed to the office, the aisle, or a night out. 

In a hurry? Our blow out services give offer a little extra shine in no more than 45 minutes and include a pampered shampoo followed by a professional blow out and hair styling by one of our master stylists.

    • Blowout
      $ 35/43/46/49
    • Hot Tools
      $ 15 and up
    • Up-Style
      $ 79
    • Wedding Up-Style
      Upon Consultation
    • Wedding Trial Run
      Wedding Trial


You don’t have problems you have symptoms. Our specialists can determine what your hair is lacking and the treatment it needs to restore your hair to its naturally healthy, shiny state. Salon Skanda’s corrective hair services offer texture treatments to combat frizz, repair damage, and provide the long-lasting texture you desire for your hair. Sevices also include Keratin Complex, Keratin express, Kerasilk, Kerasilk defrizz, and milbon treatment with takehome.

    • Corrective hair color
      based on consultation
    • Eufora Color Elixer steps 1 & 2
      $ 65
    • Milbon + Take Home
      $ 65
    • Kerasilk Segments
      $ 25-40
    • Oribe Masks
      $ 20
    • Eufora Masks
      $ 20 and up
    • Express Lipids & Shine
      $ 25


Transform the way you look and feel with Invisi-Tab Premium Hair Extensions by Hairart. 100% human hair extensions are available at our Atlanta hair salon. These extensions are human hair, adhesive weft extensions that are applied without the need for tools or heat. That means that installing these extensions in your hair is simple…and fast…allowing you to add extra length, volume, and even beautiful color and highlights to your hair in one appointment.


Invisi-Tab Premium Hair Extensions are uniquely designed to lay completely seamless and undetectable in your hair.  They are manufactured with amazing quality human remy hair with the cuticle intact.  These hair extensions can be reapplied up to 3 times, while still looking and feeling amazing.  You can get up to 8 weeks of wear from each application. Invisi-Tab Premium Hair Extensions are an extraordinary revolution to the hair industry.

    • Premium Virgin European
    • Hand Tied Weft Extensions by The Hairshop
    • LifeStyle

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